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I’m censored on social media platforms for telling my story and sharing truthful journalism.

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I turned down T-Mobile’s six figure severance offer after 17 years of employment so I could tell my story and show you how T-Mobile is using ESG & DEI to destroy America from within.

I’ll Report On

  1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Also known as The Great Reset)

  2. Social Engineering

  3. My Whistleblower Story and Big Tech Censorship

Fun Fact

  • A new Texas law went into effect February 6, 2024 making it illegal for companies to take “adverse actions” against unvaccinated employees.

  • T-Mobile treated me and thousands of others like second class citizens for being unvaccinated in 2021 and 2022 — now Texas law vindicates us!

I couldn’t expose that fact if I accepted my severance agreement.

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I’m heavily censored on social media platforms for exposing truth and sharing my story — that should tell you enough.


I’m a Censored Whistleblower in America - if Fox News covered my story, conservatives would care…